Advanced Dental Technology


We Have the Technology for the Best Patient Care

In the field of dentistry, as in many areas of medical practice, the use of the latest technology is critical to providing the best patient care.  We have invested in the latest technology and are trained to provide the most advanced care utilizing this technology which makes our procedures safer and more accurate.  Here is an introduction to some of our advanced equipment:

Cone Beam CT (Think 3D X-ray machine)

Our Cone Beam CT allows our dentists to see your teeth and jaws in 3D.  This CT machine, along with 3D modeling and printing, is used to plan computer-guided implant surgeries.  These systems provide us with laser-like accuracy, and in our experience, this makes our patients more comfortable and leads to the best patient care and outcomes.  The 3D images also greatly improve our ability to spot tooth infections that have spread to the jaw allowing us to treat them before they cause pain.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays at Gulf Cove Dental because they greatly reduce the amount of radiation exposure to our patients.  Taking a Full Series of 21 digital x-rays exposes our patients to the same radiation as they would receive on a commercial airline flight from Florida to the West Coast.  This is a very small amount and has been shown to be a safe exposure over a person’s lifetime.

Digital Root Measurements

We use digital root measurements during root canal procedures to reduce the need for x-rays.  This device also makes the procedure more efficient which means less time in the chair for you.

Intraoral Cameras

We have state-of-the-art Digital Intraoral Cameras that can take close-up images of your teeth. We use these images to help you understand why we have recommended treatment for you.  Additionally, we can submit these images to insurance and have found they help us get better reimbursement for you.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Our Hygiene Team uses Ultrasonic Scalers to remove tartar from your teeth and destroy harmful bacteria below your gum line.  The hygienist holds the ultrasonic scaler like a pencil and traces your teeth while the high-frequency vibrations and water do all of the work.